Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market Fresh News 7-18-14

The Market is Full of Vibrant Color!

20140701_185125The summer months are bringing a plethora of beauty and excitement to the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market.  Explore all of our new vendors and fresh, vibrant produce this Sunday at the Market!



RSFFM_Logo_1_200Dear Friends,

As the summer days become even more beautiful, more vendors join us at the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market.  This week, visit Local Juice Co for mouth-watering cold pressed juices!  Enjoy the musical talents of Greg Feldman while you browse through the Market and pick up the ingredients for this weeks Italian themed recipe, Limoncello.

DON’T FORGET, our weekly Rancho Santa Fe Certified Farmers Market is open from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM in the Del Rayo Village Shopping Center.  Look for your favorites and new vendors each week and check out the new tenants in the center while you are there.

Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market is the perfect place for shopping local to fill your fridge with fresh produce and flowers, delicious treats, prepared meals to go and more!

Remember, to bring an ice chest in your car or on wheels so you can relax and enjoy a nice lunch made fresh for you right at the market.  Take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy our live entertainment with your family and friends in the comfort of new Market umbrellas, bistro tables and cafe chairs!
Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market … Make it a weekly habit.  Let’s go Shopping!

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Diane & Michael


Located in the Del Rayo Village Shopping Center at 16079 San Dieguito Rd. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091



Local Juice Co’s Elixirs and Fresh Juices are a Delicious way to Boost your Health


Please welcome Local Juice Co. to the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market!  Local Juice Co. offers 100% organic, cold- pressed juices among an array of drinks, smoothies, tonics, and elixirs.  Their 3 most popular juices include Renew, Awaken and Sustain.  All of their organic drinks are both delicious and rich with health benefits.  Be sure to stop by Local Juice Co.’s booth this Sunday and taste test their juices to find your favorite!

local-juice-co-1 local-juice-co-2 local-juice-co-3





LIVE music this week by Greg Feldman

Greg Feldman is an extremely talented guitar artist and will be performing live for us this Sunday.  Pick up your favorite fresh Market meal and relax in the shade of our Market umbrellas as you enjoy Greg’s musical talents.





The RSF Fresh Market Recipe of the Week is…

 Lavender Agave Limoncello

Lavender Agave Limoncello is a great substitute for traditional Limoncello which calls for white refined sugar.  A recipe for traditional Limoncello is also included below for those who want to try it the original way.  The agave recipe was inspired by Kristin who also spent time in the Amalfi Coast learning from the best!
What You Will Need:

– 2 cups vodka
– 5 Meyer lemons, peeled (Atkins Farms)
– 2 limes, peeled (Atkins Farms)
– 1/2 tsp. lavender (Keys Creek Lavender)
– 2/3 cup agave (Thyme of Essence)
– 1 cup water
– Juice from 2 Meyer lemons (Atkins Farms)

RSFFMlimoncellosunflower11. Using a vegetable peeler or sharp knife, peel the lemons and limes carefully. Trim away any white pith from the peels, as the pith can make the Limoncello taste bitter.

2. Place the peels in a large pitcher and pour 2 cups of vodka over the peels. Add in the lavender. Cover the mouth of the pitcher with plastic wrap and set the pitcher in a cool, dark place. Allow the peels to steep for at least a week. (This is the part where your patience needs to kick in.)

3. After a week has passed, combine the agave+water+juice from two lemons in a saucepan and bring to a boil. I like to boil the sliced lemons in with the sweetened mixture (it gives it a yummy sweet-and-sour flavor!) After the mixture has boiled for a good 5 minutes, remove from heat. Let the mixture cool completely. (Again, utilize your patience and just walk away. You can do it.)

4. Once it’s completely cooled, the agave+water+lemon mixture should be the consistency of syrup. Strain the syrupy through a fine mesh strainer. This should weed out all the lemons and seeds. Double strain if necessary. Set the syrup aside.

5. Next, strain the lemon peel-vodka mixture.

6. Combine both mixtures and seal in a glass jar. I got mine at Crate & Barrel, but I also used a mason jar as a second container. Store in the freezer for up to a month.

Now Enjoy! You can serve the limoncello in shot glasses at the end of the meal, or you can use it as a cocktail mixer. It’s a snazzy beverage, perfect for the coming months’ holiday celebrations.  Thank you to Kristin for her inspiration and fond memories of our summers in Ravello!

To Make Traditional Limoncello:
Follow the above method with these ingredients: 
– 2 cups vodka
– 5 lemons, peeled
– 2 limes, peeled
– 1 cup sugar (I used raw)
– 1 cup water
– Juice from 2 lemons




Diane Haworth






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“Tara” Seeks Lounging Buddy!

Helen Woodward Animal Center introduces Tara looking for a forever home

Tara3Meet Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Pet-of-the-Week, Tara! This stunning 6lb 1-year old lynx point blend is a cuddle-bug by nature and as friendly as can be. She’s a bit shy as first but like summer in San Diego, she warms up quickly. Her gentle demeanor and loving personality will make her a glowing addition to many types of home environments. Need some more sunshine in your life? Come meet her today!

Tara is waiting to meet you at Helen Woodward Animal Center. She has been spayed and is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $119, and, as with all pets adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center, she is micro chipped for identification.  As an added bonus, Tara also comes with two free passes to Sea World!

Tara1Helen Woodward Animal Center is located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe. Kennels are open daily Monday through Thursday from 12pm to 6pm; Fridays from noon to 7pm; Saturdays 10am to 6pm; and Sunday 11am to 6pm (last application accepted 15 minutes before closing).”

For more information call 858-756-4117, (option 1) or visit www.animalcenter.org.


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